Dr. Iti Agarwal

Dentist in Milton, FL

The Professional Side

Dr. A moved from India to Maryland at the age of 5. After having three daughters, her father wanted them to have a better life as women and have the same opportunities that men have. This would not have been achievable had they stayed in India. Growing up, Dr. A always strived to do well in school and her father’s values of education were instilled in her. After college, she worked in a dental office and the desire to become a dentist grew. She loves the personal interaction with patients while combining science and the art of dentistry. She is very motivated and always striving to learn, whether it be through reading articles or attending continuing education courses.

While diligently studying to be dentists at the University of Maryland, Dr. A and Dr. Jeff unexpectedly fell in love. After their residencies in Ohio, they enjoyed the culture and food of Charleston, SC. Having lived in three cities together, they knew it was time to settle down and put down roots, and so decided to move to Dr. Jeff’s hometown of Pensacola. Having a family was always a dream for Dr. Jeff and Dr. A, and now they are living that dream with their two children, Sahana and Kai. Along with their two Goldendoodles, Kona & Pippa, they now reside in Pensacola and look forward to this new adventure of having their own practice and serving their community. They can’t wait to meet you!

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